Saturday, February 27, 2010

How to get an entry level job in marketing

A number of people have asked for advice on how to find an entry level job in marketing. There is no magic formula, but there are a number of important elements that will help you find that entry level job. Here is a checklist of things you need to do:
  1. Create a dynamite resume
  2. Create a business card
  3. Write an interesting cover letter
  4. Create a strong profile on LinkedIn
  5. Develop a network of your peers
  6. Network with business professionals
  7. Bookmark relevant job sites and check LinkedIn for job postings
  8. Sign up to your schools' career centre job alert list
       Resumes  - These are  important calling cards for finding that entry level marketing job. Resumes are difficult to write so be prepared to edit your draft numerous times until it is a vibrant reflection of you. Your starting point is to make a list of things you have accomplished in your  life. Group these accomplishments into three categories - (1) jobs, (2) projects completed in post-secondary marketing courses, and (3) your personal life. This list should not be a laundry list of job titles but instead highlight things you achieved in a job such as meeting sales targets, winning an award, or dealing with difficult customers etc. Using tangible marketing-related projects as examples of educational accomplishments will give your resume some substance and create interest in your achievements.
     An example of a resume format that you may want to consider can be found at the following link - Resume Format. You will notice that this format includes a profile and a skills area at the top of the resume -remember people are busy and a solid profile and skills area will allow a reader to quickly determine whether you qualify for the entry level marketing job to which you applied. This  profile and skills area should also be modified to meet the specific requirements of job postings. Resumes-applications will often be electronically scanned for keywords, so you can include the key words for the job posting and marketing skills in this area as well as throughout the relevant sections of your resume.
     Business Cards - Create a double-sided business card that has your contact information on the front - including a LinkedIn URL, with a list of your main marketing-related skills on the reverse. Your LinkedIn profile URL is in the settings area of your account, under  public profile.
    Cover Letters - These should be short and be tailored to the job posting. An excellent resource for writing cover letters and getting a job in Canada is the book Landing a Job for Canadians which is part of the For Dummies series.

Networking & Websites 
     Creating a network is an invaluable tool that can keep you informed on entry level marketing jobs that may not be posted. Do not hesitate to reach out to people in your network to help find that entry level job - people will help if they can. You can expand your network by volunteering and /or attending networking events in the marketing industry. These events are often run by marketing associations. The Toronto chapter of the American Marketing Associations has a number of networking events which students can attend at a reasonable price of about $20.  Check this site frequently,, and scroll down to see the reasonably priced events.
     Attending guest speaker sessions at your educational institution is a MUST - networking with the speakers from the marketing field can sometimes help open doors that will lead to that entry level marketing job. Be sure to add your contacts to your LinkedIn profile.

     Websites - Once your resume and cover letter are completed, register on the main job sites such as Workopolis and Monster for the entry level marketing positions that appeal to you. LinkedIn has host of job postings - review the following video to learn how to use LinkedIn to find a job LinkedIn for job seekers and review their Grad Guide.  Please note, sales positions will provide you with relevant work experience which is very positively viewed by the marketing industry and can often be a way of getting into the marketing field.  The following marketing-related websites have career/job areas and should be checked regularly for job postings that may interest you:
     A job website that services graduating students and includes a number of entry level marketing jobs is . Good luck, be patient, and persevere.

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