Sunday, March 6, 2011

Creativity with Passion from TED, Newfoundland, and LivingLou

Genuine creativity that’s built from passion is nothing short of inspiring. It jolts ... it gets noticed... and it gets remembered. I hadn’t seen much of this genuine form of creativity recently, until 3 seemingly unrelated things popped up. A simple blog by a 17 year old with a passion for food, a jaw-dropping TEDPRIZE winning art project that started in France, and a stunning ad for Newfoundland and Labrador. What do these things all have in common? They share that genuine creative passion that makes things happen.

Living Lou blog – Grassroots quirkiness and a simple passion for food and life has jolted this blog into the top 150 blog-tracker rankings in only 10 months. Bloggers could learn a lot from this 17 year old teenager who casually comments on her life between stirring soups and making meatless Monday dishes! You’ll laugh out loud at the musings of a teenage girl that can really write and cook. It’s so authentic that you’ll be back to check on the latest! Her random Tweets – glimpses into the teen world – will have you smiling. Check it out at

TEDPRIZE winner JR - This world art project stunned me when I casually found it yesterday. For those unfamiliar with TED, it’s a must bookmark site with the most interesting presentations you’ll ever see. TED stands for TECHNOLOGY, ENTERTAINMENT, DESIGN and is a small non-profit devoted to ideas worth spreading. It prides itself on providing “Riveting talks from remarkable people, free to the world,” and you can find its videos featured at This TEDPRIZE wish winner is JR, a street artist from France who brashly pastes his oversized photographic images on the world’s streets, steps, and building as a voice for the human spirit. His project, has become as voice for those that cannot be heard. Watch this summary video of his work and listen to his captivating presentation - simply inspiring.


Newfoundland and Labrador – I’ve never been to this beautiful place, and never really wanted to, until I recently saw these stunning TV spots. Like a piece of art, these rare types of ads actually make you want to see them again. Colours, scenery, landscapes, and a sense of serenity and simplicity create a sense of curiosity with one ad building up to a remarkable tag-line, “When you’re always a half-hour ahead, you never feel the need to catch up.” Created by local agency TARGET, these creative masterpieces should win awards and will certainly build tourism. (By the way, whenever I see a new spot for Newfoundland and Labrador I wait until the end to see the name of the person to call for more information!) See three of their recently aired spots below:


Half Hour

Ancient Land



sdcm said...

Great. Excellent. I have seen many astonishingly creative people who are never been so lucky to actually promote their work worldwide. Every time I witness any creative work I feel privileged.

I believe creativity and passion cannot go one without the other.

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