Saturday, August 8, 2009

Coldplay STRAWBERRY SWING Music Video Gets Attention

Despite negative publicity over the years, music videos have often led the charge in using creativity to reach out and market their wares to interested buyers – after all, aren’t music videos a form of advertising for the music industry? Coldplay’s STRAWBERRY SWING music video is as an example of a new music video that gets attention through the creativity it uses to weave a story and entertain.

Coldplay is a band that has used interesting approaches in their music videos over the last few months to encourage people to listen to their music, purchase it in one form or another, and attend their concerts. Their last two music videos, single releases from their album Viva La Vida, have used creativity to get attention; their February 2009 music video release for LIFE IN TECHNICOLOR ii, unexpectedly rendered the band members as puppets, and their latest single release and music video for STRAWBERRY SWING, uses the stop-motion animation technique being seen more and more frequently in videos/ads/short film renderings. This stop-motion animation technique was successfully used by Olympus cameras in their July 2009 PEN Story advertising campaign where a viral three minute ad video was created by shooting 60,000 photos, developing 9,600 prints, and then re-shooting over 1,800 images to get just the right shots. This visual story was told over a catchy tune, “Down Below” by Johannes Stankowski, produced and arranged by Michael Kadelbach, (

Coldplay’s STRAWBERRY SWING music video also uses stop-motion animation. This music video, released at the end of July 2009, coincides with the planned digital release of the STRAWBERRY SWING single on September 14, 2009. The STRAWBERRY SWING music video uses a stop-motion animation chalk rendering technique to portray their front man, band member Chris Martin, as a super hero fighting with a giant squirrel to save a female hostage. As you watch this music video you will marvel at its creativity and wonder how it was actually put together in a manner that gets attention and encourages you to listen to the story. This STRAWBERRY SWING music video is worth watching for is creativity and usage of different media to engage the viewer into listening to the story, relayed through the music’s haunting melody – quite beautiful!

The STRAWBERRY SWING song was written by Berryman, Buckland, Champion, and Martin. The video was directed by the art collective Shynola.

From a marketing perspective the STRAWBERRY SWING music video has been uploaded to YouTube, is available on the Coldplay website (, and has been discussed on music sites where free downloads of the STRAWBERRY SWING ringtone are available. The STRAWBERRY SWING music video has been given extra traction in the UK through media buys in July/August 2009 at Odeon cinemas where the STRAWBERRY SWING music video airs prior to the movies BRUNO, and THE PROPOSAL. Let’s not forget that the Viva La Vida album is front and centre of Coldplay’s current concert tour.

Below you can see the STRAWBERRY SWING music video and the PEN Story three minute stop-motion animation ad video.

Coldplay STRAWBERRY SWING music video (Viva La Vida album)

Olympus Viral Ad Video, The PEN Story

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A said...

The "Strawberry Swing" video by Coldplay is an amazing piece of work. I even enjoyed watching the music video without sound just so that I could admire the work that went into making this masterpiece (at least in my opinion). The thought that went into making this video was as creative as it gets, and the commitment made by those working on the project had to be outstanding. It is not everyday that this much work is put into a four minute music video. Most of the videos you see today are all alike. This is more of a movie than a music video.
The storyline behind the video is a classic one but it gets the job done even from a marketing perspective. People will prefer to see this video over others simply because of the creativity behind it. As a result of that sites such as Youtube will host the video and more people will get to see it instead of having to watch television and not knowing when the video will be played. This could also cause Coldplay's album sales to rise since more people (including those who were not fans before) to enjoy the music and possibly buy the album.

Erika said...

The music video,” Strawberry Swing” by Coldplay is a unique work of art not seen commonly in today’s music industry. The video clearly reflects the artistry and attention to detail that went into the production of this clip. Its unique and intriguing approach to depicting the traditional superhero skit, gives an edge to this video. The viewer is captured by the story line and persuaded by curiosity to continue watching until its close. The mellow lyrics and tune of this song also add to the video’s easy going\ carefree vibe.
This exceptional video draws attention to Coldplay’s music and brings with it the mellow feeling that Coldplay itself embodies. The video draws attention because of its creativity, thus more individuals are introduced to the artists’ music, potentially widening its base of fans. As well, exposure of this video via internet and television create advertising for the artists and their music. Overall this music video is stimulating for many different senses making the viewer feel as if they were involved with both the storyline as well as the music.

Daniel Bandeira said...

To make a music video that differs so much from the current popular norm is definitely a big risk, but one that paid off in the case of Coldplay's "Strawberry Swing." So many music artists use the flashy, digital videography to record music videos that are very rarely 100% related to the song subject. With the luxurious eye candy plaguing our screens, it is not every day that one is exposed to the creativity "Strawberry Swing" offers. Stop-motion animation is a definite take in a different direction, bringing music back to its roots by telling a story in a non-conventional way. Of course this video receives media attention because it is so non-conforming and unique from everything else out there. This video serves as an innovative marketing technique, drawing attention not only to the song and stop-motion itself, but to the Coldplay brand.

The story portrayed through the stop-motion animation is the timeless story shown in most film and video, in books, etc. It is just subtle and less Hollywood--not a big emphasis on sex appeal, parties, etc. The creative way that Coldplay exhibited a story that is overplayed again and again (man saves woman/man saves damsel in distress) through many different forms is incredible. Since videos such as "Strawberry Swing" are seldom seen and popularized these days, it offers an intriguing aspect that will make it very hard for the viewer to turn away. This is great advertising for the band and increases the audience appeal by making more and more people interested in Coldplay and their upcoming projects.

Binupa said...

The PEN Story advertisement used by Olympus cameras in their July 2009 advertising campaign featured stop-motion animation technique. It definitely caught my attention, the technically astounding video not only endorsed the product Olympus was promoting but it also inspired many viewers as the time and effort put into the placing of images would have been immense. It is also incredible from a production point of view and genuinely touching- Not often do you find a piece of work that relates entirely to the sound and image of the video and Michael Kadelbach did an astounding job in interconnecting the two variables to create this masterpiece.

The type of music Johannes Stankowski sings also fits the mellow mood the speed of the video is playing. The fact that the lyrics and images in the song can relate to almost all individuals out there also symbolizes that it has a wide target market which is essential to the company as the product advertised can be used by anyone.

I think video art may very well include music instead of actual sounds related to what's going on in the video. Also the advertisement will be art too when it's well done, it can even be a form of entertainment which is what most people look for in advertisements so that they will be remembered- whether the ad was good or bad.

Binupa Wijesinghe

Kanchana Vongphakdy said...

This music video is a breath of fresh air in an industry where creativity is slowly being diminished. Let’s leave the fact that the music being introduced in this industry are just poor regurgitation of previous creative work out of the picture but rather focus solely on repetitive music video production. Typical props you find in music videos include: expensive vehicles, gorgeous semi-clothed women and a backyard pool. Viewers can only handle being shown the same story line delivered in the same manner continuously before boredom begins to set in. With the introduction of the "Strawberry Swing" music video, the art form formally known as music video production, can truly once again be considered art.

This video embodies the word creativity to its fullest potential. The beginning of the video draws you in, literally. The background served as a chalkboard while the production team began using chalk to draw in the scenery. That image alone intrigues me because what new material in this industry can you compare this scene to. I’m tired of watching beautiful, scantily dressed women dancing against an ugly rapper in a highly sexual manner when we all know that in reality, these women would never give them their time or day. The video is something completely different and tugs at my heart strings because it’s reminiscent of the accumulated values I learned from Walt Disney. On the surface, an average guy combats the evil squirrel to save the beautiful princess. The subtext and a value I truly believe in is that love can conquer all, even giant squirrels.

I’m not a huge fan of Coldplay’s music but I admire the strides they take to be different. This video was beautifully executed, creative and very inspirational. I hope other artists in the music industry follow suit and have the confidence to experiment with new technology and with concepts outside of their comfort zone. I don’t want to see another video taking place in a nightclub!

Eli Joseph said...

I love this video. Stop motion has been around for a long time and i like that they have put a new wist on it by using chalk drawings. I think this video was probably inspired by sidewalk drawing pictures that are all over the internet lately. I also like how the animations tell a different story from the song, so im getting 2 stories told to me at once.

Ayaz Rana said...

Coldplay’s STRAWBERRY SWING music video is as an example of a new generation that gets attention through the creativity that it uses to attract customers.this video is based on the physics of today i like this video very much because everything is there and it is very nice to see how singers like cold play are useing to attract more customers to lissten to them.

personally i am not a huge fan of coldplay but most of there tunes are very well played out, by which i mean the lyrics and the music is put out so well that even a blind man will be able to see (just a expresion). also i think they did a very nice job by putting this together so people will actully lissten to what other people are saying.This video was beautifully executed, creative and very inspirational.

I hope other artists in the music industry will start useing this trend have the confidence to experiment with new technology and with concepts outside of their comfort zone.i would really like the music industry to use more advanced techlogys so people can stay in there rythem and be in the know what their artists are doing.

Ayaz Rana

vincent said...

I really enjoyed watching Coldplay's music video for their song strawberry swing. In the music industry today it is very unlikely to watch a video that is this creative and interesting. Instead of making a video similar to every video out there Coldplay has put some thought into this video and made it so well that really captures the viewers eye.

Not only is the actual song enjoyable to listen to but the music video definitely compliments it and I think can add to the sales of coldplay's new album by sending a message to their fans that they are a hard working band that is creative and is capable of having what it takes to be number one.

Overall, I think that this was very well put together. It is a fresh creative idea that the youth of today rarely sees in music videos.

Vincent Iozzo

Steph Del said...

While watching this video, a feeling of amazement and pride washed over me. To know that bands out there legitimately still care to be creative and care to entertain their audiences is a great…notion, for lack of better term. Videos I’ve seen, or care to remember are videos like “The Wheel” by Foo Fighters and “We Were Electric” by Two Foot Falls, while these bands, to me, are absolutely amazing, the video is very much a window into what could be their rehearsal space, and the video is quite literally them playing the tune in front of a camera.
"Strawberry Swing" is a work of art. I believe this to be one of the most creative videos I’ve seen put out by a band. Coldplay took something so simple, like sidewalk chalk art, and the art theory behind freeze frame photography and created a story line and a beautiful video that is just so aesthetically pleasing. Not only does the character merit costume changes, but goes through, what can only be described as a battle of epic proportions with a giant chalk squirrel. This video is just unbelievable and I hope that beautiful art like this can breathe life into the dieing flames that are music videos.