Thursday, July 30, 2009

Soccer star Kaká featured in Sony BRAVIA'S Motionflow campaign

FIFA’s World Player of the Year, Kaká, the Brazilian soccer star who plays for Real Madrid, is the focus of Sony BRAVIA’S new Motionflow advertising campaign for 2009, competing directly with Phillip's "Carousel" online campaign, ( The UK advertising agency responsible for this unusual and creative campaign is Fallon Worldwide, the agency which in 2005 introduced the Sony BRAVIA advertising premise, COLOUR LIKE NO OTHER. This memorable platform is heralded by a trilogy of "larger-than-life" spots that have surprised and entertained viewers over the last 4 years with captivating sound-tracks and imaginative portrayals of colour. This trilogy of ads; “Paint,” “Balls,” and “Play-doh” got attention with an over abundance of paint, bouncing balls, and colourful bunnies which communicated the vivid colour spectrum visible through Sony BRAVIA’S high definition LCD TV sets.

Fallon’s latest campaign for Sony BRAVIA moves away from this COLOUR LIKE NO OTHER platform, focusing instead on the smoothness of motion that Sony BRAVIA’S new Motionflow 240Hz TV technology provides. (Motionflow technology provides the viewer with 200 frames per second, delivering an extremely smooth viewing experience.) The “larger-than-life” premise from the previous BRAVIA campaigns still remains, almost as a Sony BRAVIA signature trademark, but this time it is diverted into the creation of a technological marvel as the centerpiece of their spot - a modern-day zoetrope. A zoetrope is a contraption that harkens back to 19th century film technology. It works by rapidly moving successive static images to give the perception of movement.

Fallon’s mission for the Motionflow campaign was to build a “larger-than-life,” fully functioning zoetrope and use it to demonstrate Sony BRAVIA’s Motionflow technology. They did just this, creating in northern Italy a BRAVIA-drome (zoetrope), a large donut-type (room-size)carousel of sorts, as the centre piece of their set for the 2009 advertising campaign. The campaign featured celebrity Brazilian soccer star and FIFA’s World Player of the Year, Kaká. Once the BRAVIA-drome was built, the commercial shoot took place, complete with the zoetrope and sixty-four static images of Kaká controlling the soccer ball in amazing ways. The shoot comprised of crowds of people, including Kaká, watching as the BRAVIA-drome containing his static images started to spin. As the BRAVIA-drome spun and gathered momentum, the static images of Kaká intermittently appeared to be moving until a speed of 44 km/hr was reached. At this speed the static images of Kaká seamless and smoothly flowed, moving sequentially as if on film to display the soccer player’s incredible ball control. This action all comes together in the final edits of the spot which uses the song UNDERDOG by Kasabian to give it that added edge.

The music for the campaign can be accessed through the Sony BRAVIA microsite for this campaign, which also includes the Motionflow Kaká ad, information on the TV, interactive visuals of Kaká, behind the scenes footage, and information on the idea behind the campaign. The campaign also includes a BRAVIA in Motion YouTube channel where additional footage can be seen,

The Motionflow campaign first aired in Australia and is now moving into the European markets, and will be rolled out into other countries as appropriate. The campaign also includes print, internet, viral, and in-store materials.

A few interesting facts from these “larger than life” Sony BRAVIA campaigns:

• The BRAVIA-drome weighs 10 tonnes and is 15 meters in diameter. It is also collapsible and can be easily dismantled and assembled at other locations.
• The BALLS spot was filmed using 250,000 balls being thrown down the streets of San Francisco. It uses the song “Heartbeats,” from Jose Gonzales’ Veneer album.
• The PAINT commercial used 70,000 litres of environmentally friendly paint. The music is from the “Overture to The Thieving Magpie,” by Gioachino Rossini.
• The PLAY-DOH spot was filmed in New York City. It uses the soundtrack “She's a Rainbow,” by the Rolling Stones.

You can see the Sony Motionflow spot below as well as the “making of” the spot, and the trilogy of the COLOUR LIKE NO OTHER spots from the previous 3 years; “Paint,” “Balls,” and “Play-doh.”

Sony BRAVIA Motionflow Kaká's ad

The making of the BRAVIA Motionflow ad with Kaká

Sony BRAVIA, BALLS (2005)

Sony BRAVIA, PAINT (2006)

Sony BRAVIA, PLAY-DOH (2007)

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Vikas Bajaj said...

Out of all the Sony Bravia commercials,I love the Motionflow 200Hz Commercial. Its fun to watch and exciting not just to see but to hear the music in the background. It has lights, it has action, it shows drawing people in and showing the superiority of Sony's Television and its quality and speed and clarity of the picture screen.

It shows that there was a a lot of work that was put into the commercial. To coming up with this idea, and building this amazing structure with red lights.

I think its good that they used the red lights as it would draw attention to peoples eyes. I like the place in Italy that they did it in, its beautiful. And they used a very famous celebrity 'Kaka" from the football world. This is a European commercial, which shows why its the best, and it can only be shows in Euro-Asia because people are fanatics about football, unlike in North America where people are fanatics about fake football.

Its something different and unique and it sends a clear message!

Vikas Bajaj - 803 505 015

Herpreet Kataoria said...

The commercials portray the features and quality of a Sony product; the LCD Television. Sony uses the slogan “Colour Like No Other” as a basis for its commercials. The main characteristics used in the commercials are colour, motion and clarity which are very appealing to the views watching.

The setting for the commercials is an urban area; either around town or around the city. This describes a regular dull, boring and colourless setting. Sony transforms a boring urban area into something colourful and bright by adding splashes of colour. In one commercial splashes of different coloured paint is thrown in every different around the town. In the second commercial, different coloured rabbits run around in the town. The last commercial uses different coloured bouncing balls that bounce all over the town. The use of random splashes of colour is used to portray the colour quality that Sony’s LCD Television brings to your TV watching experience.

Motion is used in Sony’s commercials which describes quality of the picture. In all three examples mentioned above, the various methods used to add colour to the commercial are done so in a way to make it visually appealing to the viewer.

This is a great way to show off their new technology and show the world that they are at the top of the game when it comes to a television experience.

Parmit Randhawa said...

Out of the four commercial that were shown for the Sony Bravia television the one that was very fun and appealing to me was the Sony paint commercial. This commercial has an appealing segment to all viewers because of its colours that you see exploding out of the buildings and coming out of the ground, and just the collage of the colour makes it so appealing to the viewers, that it makes you want to watch it over and over again.

The background music is also fast, entertaining like a cartoon show; it was like a very fun and enjoyable song. It would start off low and then become high pitch out of nowhere.

The colours shown in this image are bright vibrant colours that stick out like the rainbow. Basically what the message of this advertisement is implying is that if you purchase a Sony Bravia television you will get not only an excellent sound however vibrant pictures all at an appealing price and that it has the best quality pictures..

The first, second and forth Sony Bravia commercials were very long and boring. The commercials were dragged on for too long. The Sony Bravia balls and play-doh ones were only good to watch for the first minute after that it was too long to watch. However, a lot of creativity was used in these commercials and a lot of colours to attract viewer’s attention and get them to think what the commercial is actually about.

Parmit Randhawa

Mike Soares said...

Out of all the commercials I preferably like the first one Sony Bravia Motionflow 200Hz.

This official Bravia commercial shows off one of top soccer players top Kaka, using his skills using the Bravia drome, the largest zoetrope in the world. It's the perfect demonstration of Motionflow 200Hz technology as used in the new Bravia Z4500. Displaying images at 200Hz guarantees a smoother representation of football and other sporting events for all those sporting lovers.

Also commercial isn't "boring" it is fast, great music flow in background and colouring of bright red is perfect as it catches viewers attention. I was always wondering what will occur next in commercial. Also with this airing in Europe it will be hit as Europe is "soccer nation" them seeing Kaka changes are slim that they will change the channel as they would be like what is Kaka doing?

Overall great commercial Sony has created.

david said...

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nickjpitney89 said...

This commerical capitvates the consumer from the start. You are drawn by first the red lights and find yourself highly anticipating what you are going to me shown.

As the music builds you see this a amazing young soccer star handling the ball as we all wish we could. The ball and is flowing easily, the star is smiling the people watching are happy.

This ad serves it purpose and makes the consumer want to purchase this new television due to the fact that you can see each amazing motion in perfect clarity.

Nick Pitney
805 580 396

yaro said...

i really enjoyed this video. i have a personal bias towards favouring sony so it got me just on the brand name,

second, Kaka is a world wide recognized figure among soccer fans. being a huge fan myself he was easy for me to connect to.

the video itself was interesting and really showcased the technology sony will be employing. the colours worked for me and made sense as his ac milan jersey (red and black) matched the background colour schemes. the mood was good in the video and had a sense of mystery. cant wait to see what they come up with next

Andrew Persaud said...

Sony BRAVIA'S Motionflow 240Hz advertising campaign featuring world renowned footballer Kaka, has various creative and effective aspects.

A fully functioning zoetrope used to demonstrate motionflow technology on a street in Northern Italy is not an everyday occurrence. However if that failed to grasp attention, iconic AC Milan footballer Kaka was prominently displayed on the BRAVIA-drome (zoetrope) in sixty-four static pictures demonstrating his accurate and finesse skill, much in line with the image Sony hoped to portray, as they claimed the television delivers an extremely smooth picture.

Sony is on the forefront of technology and Kaka is considered one the greatest footballers in the world today. A combination of this brand (Sony) and icon (Kaka) harness a great deal marketing appeal. The location of the unique campaign (N. Italy) was a strategic move, as Kaka played for Northern Italy giants AC Milan when the television was launched.