Monday, July 13, 2009

Phillips "Carousel" Featured in 50 Cent Music Video

Phillips’ “Carousel” the winner of the Film Grand Prix (and the Cyber Silver Lion) from the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival in 2009 is now collaborating with the musician 50 Cent and is prominently featured in their new music video 50 Cent- OK You're Right from their album BEFORE I SELF DESTRUCT which will be in stores September 2009. The music video, which can be found on YouTube and linked below, prominently features footage from the Phillips "Carousel" film, and in fact starts by zooming in on the Phillips TV, taking us directly into the film footage. These scenes are then carried over into other parts of the music video through synergistic images of clowns and other scenes from the film.

Phillips' on-line film CAROUSEL was created by Tribal DDB Amsterdam and is truly an unusual promotional piece that deserves a closer look. It uses imagination to communicate the benefits of a new technology and ambushes the consumer on the Internet with its creativity. “Carousel,” is the second on-line film to win this coveted award in the last 3 years, rising out of the shadows of the Dove "evolution" spot which won the award in 2007.

“Carousel” is an important piece of communication that needs to be examined in terms of how the Internet is used to effectively communicate with consumers. It appears that discerning consumers respond to nothing short of creativity on the Internet and this is needed to deliver results - particularly, if traditional media is not part of the media mix. Phillips uses this creativity to market their new Cinema 21:9 LCD TV on-line, allowing viewers at home to experience the same smooth viewing found in a movie theatre. “Carousel” is the 2 minute and 19 second on-line video that Phillips posted on their microsite,, and uploaded to YouTube for all to experience.

In this on-line video Phillips uses the power of the Internet to communicate the product benefits in an interactive fashion not seen before. When viewing the film on Phillips’ microsite, viewers can intuitively use the mouse to move the video forwards or backwards frame by frame and click on interactive hot spots to see more. These hot spots take viewers into the depths of the film, showing how the video was created from the perspective of the director, special effects experts, and lighting specialists – fascinating. To ensure Phillips learns the most from this approach, they are currently running a short market research survey on the site to assess the effectiveness of this approach.

The film is shot in one continuous sequence, offering a glimpse into the world of film production. It uses a haunting sound-track and no words to tell the story of an armored-car heist gone painfully wrong with all the expected accoutrements of money, gunfire, breaking glass, police, and casualties. The story seems to unfold from an almost CSI-type perspective, where the viewer is taken back to the crime scene, seeing it frozen in time. As we view the footage, we realize when we come to the end, that we are remarkably right back at the beginning of the sequence.

Philips’ intention was to create a film that would excite movie-lovers, a segment of their target audience, and demonstrate the TV’s main benefits of Ambilight, Cinema 21:9, and superior picture quality. Technically, the film was shot keeping the actors motionless in a particular pose, while the camera continuously shot the sequence, navigating its way through the scene of still actors and props. Importantly, the music was formatted so that it could be properly distorted as the viewers interacted with the film either through the hot spots or as they moved the frames backwards and forwards.

I cannot imagine how much it cost to create this film, but what we are seeing is the transfer of traditional media funds into creating expensive pieces of creative that can be aired for very little on the Internet – probably still saving the company money!

Below you can see the “Carousel” short film, the making of “Carousel,” and for context, the making of that other on-line sensation that paved the way from Canada in 2007, Dove “Evolution.” It is preferable to watch the "Carousel" video off the Phillips' website, rather than YouTube, in order to see all the interactive features As an aside, see if you can find the numbers "21:9" (the name of the TV), cleverly embedded in certain places within the film. This campaign directly competes with the new Sony BRAVIA Motionflow spot featuring the Brazilian soccer star Kaká, (

Philips Carousel Commercial - Adam Berg Commercial of the Year Stink Digital

Philips Carousel for Cinema 21:9 TV - How they did it

50 Cent Music Video "OK You're Right"

Dove Evolution The making of

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JonnyJardim1000 said...

This is a truly amazing way to advertise that seems to have been mastered by Phillips. When I first began watching it, i was instantly caught into the story line of a bank heist or hold up.
It caught my attention an never lost it. This is a great innovation that sees companies now spend money on commercials that can be aired cheaply on the internet, and probably expand their possible viewing more than if they were to pay to have it on T.V.
I think Phillips has done a great job here, and can truly attract people and keep them entertained the entire length of the "film" which may not have the same success on television as it does on the internet.

Gurvir Gossal said...

Phillips has combined a great ad for their new TV. The online presentation is great; it just kept me glued to the screen with out even moving. I showed it to my brother and by mistake hit the back button on my mouse, we actually had to go back and look at it. This advertisement is very cost effective; however word to mouth would spread it. Such as I had to post this video on my Facebook wall, just so my friends could talk about it. I do also work at a Bestbuy Store; I actually went around the store looking for this television set. I did however, find it and asked my manager if we could get a preview of a HD (High Definition) Video; such as a Blu-ray. He’s was like good ahead, when the store closed we did gather around just to check it out, and turned d the lights off. It was an experience seeing it for myself, the display was awesome. I actually walk by it, every time I start my shift. The ad was great, how it always presented it as if you were looking at the TV set in front of you.

Well Done Phillips! I wonder how the competition will react.

Gurvir Gossal

Dave said...

First impression, WOW! This video/ad/film definitely grabbed and maintained my attention from start to finish. Its uniqueness and one of a kind style left me wondering and amazed. This video/ad/film put us the viewer, into a completely different seat. We were not only the audience but it felt as if we were the director moving the camera and guiding it around every corner. Incredible creativity and imagination making this truly a one of a kind interactive experience.
Phillips has definitely raised the bar and pulled themselves ahead of all competition. Another creative idea Phillips has come up with is, teaming up with a well known music artist 50 cent in the making of this short video/ad/film. In doing so this will create continuous promotion and awareness through the music video as it hits all media.
Great job Phillips!
Dave Francisco

Masoud Gharibyar said...

I can see why Adam Berg was awarded commercial of the year, this is technology at its finest. Its really unbelievalbe how they were able to create such a commercial, and the graphics are outstanding. I bet Adam Berg never could imagine the success of this commercial, working with internationally known artist 50 Cent must be a great honour. This has given the company a new outlet of advertising.

Eli Joseph said...

The carousel ad is great at generating notice, because it draws attention in so many ways. The film is set up to look like the greatest action movie of all. This ties into the promotion of a tv ,because hat they are saying non verbally is that if are going to watch the greatest film of all time it should be watched on the best tv of all time. Attention is attracted to the ad because it draw you in by showing a trailer for a film rather than a tv. While people are watching the ad they are watching a tech demo for how amazing the picture is on the new tv without telling you about it but showing it.

The second advertisement is also very good, despite people saying it is bland and not attention grabbing. This ad for real beauty works on 2 levels very well. The main focus of the add is rather ordinary with a woman getting hair and makeup done, but it works so well because the music sounds as tough it should be at a scary point in a movie. This engages the audience because it makes them ask them selves what could possibly be bad in this ad that im hearing this music. The music builds until the climax when you see the picture being photo shopped and it creates the feeling that you have been lied to. This justifies the forboding music. At this point i realize that the ad is filmed on purpose in the specific way of just having the womans face in the centre. The reason why is that buy the time she is beginning to e photo shopped the mouse on the screen is doing things and moving around. This builds the suspense and mystery , because when you see someone moving a mouse on a screen in real life you naturally want to see what they are doing.This builds interest in the viewer watching the ad. Finally the absolute, best most genius part of this ad is the statement they are making to all other beauty products on the market. By showing you the "truth" abut how beauty is manipulated by other shampoos, magazines, soaps other beauty products they are calling them liars and fakes. This creates a huge product differentation in a market for soap and creates a sort of resentment towards all others for the viewer because they feel like dove tells me the truth and all other baeuty shown to me in the media is fake

Denniswealth said...

Philip Carousel pulled it off again. The preview seems like a must see kind of movie. based on the characters andreviews of the actors, it definiitely seems like a movie that will draw lots of attention fromvarious form of demography.
I look forward to see the movie or get a copy of the dvd so have a full perception of Carousel's classic.

Joshua Almeida said...

This is an awesome ad that phillips has developed. It does not even feel like you are watching a commercial, its like you are wathching a movie or tv show, and it grabbed my attention immediately. The visuals are something new for the viewer to see, the 360 view, and provides a new perspective on television viewing. I personally have never seen something like this before.

The commercial itself is really cool. It gives off a freaky vibe to me, with the clowns and all the violence occuring, and the score(Background music) fit perfectly with the commercial. It would be amazing to watch television at home with this kind of feature available.

Daniela said...

WOW! This is an awsome video/commercial advertisment that was well implemented with excellent creativity. Phillips has definitly captured my attention in over viewing this clip a few more extra times. A lot of hardwork and dedication is definitly seen into this clip.

This video/commercial advertisment is creative in its own ways because it allows viewers to see the features that this product has to offer and convert these features, into benefits for a more home threatre effect. The music played in the background does create a more suspense feeling while watching this clip, which will keep viewers tuned in until the end. Since Internet advertising is exploding on the Web and has become extremely popular, it has allowed commercials/videos like this one in particular, to promote their product in a cheaper way. Chances are with advertisments like this one, it would be viewed all over the Web very quickly. Teaming up with popular music artist 50 cent, can also put this advertisment ahead of all its competitors.

I do believe that this kind of creativity from Phillips, can definitly raise the heat between new and exsisting rivals. It was very well choreographed and set as a perfect duration. The advertisiment does indeed keep me tuned in until the end, which I see as a benefit for selling this product. It is very interesting to watch and doesn't bore or lose the viewer during the advertisment.

My advice to Phillips would be to create similar advertisments that can be aired & viewed on television as well.
This advertisment is a clip that will definitly be shared through social networks for further advertising because of its great creativity.

A great job well done!