Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ritz "Let It Rain" Campaign Releases Song

Ritz crackers just released the anticipated full length version of the jingle which accompanied their LET IT RAIN commercial. The full length song can be found on YouTube, as linked below, or found on iTunes under the name, "Make Believe - Ian LeFeuvre," http://bit.ly/m7y6v. This song was created in response to interest from viewers of the LET IT RAIN commercial who wanted to know where the song came from. Ritz' response was to launch a social media challenge through YouTube, promising to create a full length version of the song if the uploaded commercial reached 10,000 hits on YouTube. In 3 weeks the challenge was met and Ian LeFeuvre, the creator of the jingle, set about creating the song which was just released 6 weeks later.

Ritz' other social media challenge, for people to upload videos of themselves enjoying a Ritz cracker, and to create artwork for the iTunes download did not transpire due to low involvement. These videos were to be spliced into a music compilation, but due to the lack of response, it did not materialize. Perhaps this YouTube generation of technically capable, creative souls were hoping for raw footage and an MP3 from which they could make their own mashups? Most likely, they were just eagerly awaiting to hear the song they had been promised, thrilled at the direct response from Ritz!

This successful campaign from Ritz demonstrates how in the world of social media the communication process is no longer static. Companies that are creative, open minded, flexible, and responsive will be able to interact with their consumers and create campaigns that evolve and develop over time. The result is a more engaged consumer, more memorable campaigns, and communication programs that become conversations.

You can see elements of this Ritz crackers campaign below starting with the initial commercial, followed by the social media challenges from Ritz, and finally the release of their song, Make Believe by Ian LeFeuvre.

Let It Rain Ritz Commercial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXX9Ju6jbAo

Social Media Challenge http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2liz-_WbPMI

Social Media Response http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYQYOaho_ik

Make Believe Song - Ian LeFeuvre http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DUHhI3nbfk

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1 comment:

Mike Drake said...

It is cool how companies have identified that common types of advertising used in the past do not standout or appeal to consumers like they used to. Coming up with online video ads, interactive ads, ect. has allowed companies to reach out and attract consumers to their product or service.
Not only has Ritz done this but many other companies like Cadbury, Shreddies, and Coke have learned of this new trend as well. It may be the new best way for a company to reach its target markets in todays world where so many people are online users.