Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cadbury Creme Egg Creativity - Here Today Goo Tomorrow

A few days ago I highlighted the creativity of the Cadbury Creme Egg Twisted campaign from the UK - a launch campaign for Cadbury’s new Creme Egg Twisted product that successfully uses traditional and social media to engage consumers, build awareness, and encourage people to try this new product. This Creme Egg Twisted campaign is built on the base of another successful marketing campaign for Cadbury’s, this time for their traditional Creme Egg product. They ran a campaign for Cadbury Creme Eggs earlier this year, HERE TODAY GOO TOMMORROW, around the Easter period using a creative approach that, yet again, gets attention and makes heads turn. It is worth looking at this HERE TODAY GOO TOMORROW campaign due to its creativity and innovative use of media.

Cadbury Creme Eggs is a seasonal, fun, quirky brand which gets attention through its marketing campaigns which are creative and unusual. Below you can see three forms of media used to innovatively market Creme Eggs in the UK. The first refers to viral ads, the second to an interactive bus shelter ad, and the third to placement in online video games.

First, they created their own YouTube channel, CremeEggGooTube, and uploaded a variety of fun, skit-like, 10 second spots that raise smiles through their fun/silly humourous treatment of a brand personality that makes the viewer chuckle. This aspect of the campaign is designed to get people talking and share the fun.

Second, they used interactive bus shelter ads that use technology to transform bus shelter ads into interactive arcade-type games that people can play by pressing elements of the ad while waiting for the bus or stopping for a minute when walking by. The bus shelter ad displays floating Cadbury Creme Eggs that get the attention of passers-by who are encouraged to squash the eggs and splatter the goo within the bus shelter ad.

Finally, Cadbury Creme Eggs embedded images of their billboard ads, HERE TODAY GOO TOMMORROW, in online video games such as; Spiderman Web of Shadows, The Incredible Hulk, Skate, and Shaun White Snowboarding. In-game advertising ran on the online Massive Network which partners with over 40 video game publishers and allows advertisers to reach gaming audiences in real time across multiple platforms. Massive Inc. is owned by Microsoft and worth checking out.

In line with Cadbury Creme Eggs' brand image, this fun marketing campaign uses media in an innovative way that emphasizes the brand's irreverent, quirky side. It manages to step outside the ordinary to appeal to a younger target market that expects creativity and fun from this brand. See for yourself by clicking below:

Viral - Cadbury Creme Egg Pedal Bin

Viral -Cadbury Creme Egg Blender

Bus Shelter Interactive Game

Massive Network Embedded Video Game

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Katy Duncan said...

After watching these ads, I would say: they were very creative. By using different types of e-active marketing the HERE TODAY GOO TOMORROW campaign was very effective. Advertisements are said to be 1% terrific, and I would say that these ads are 100% terrific. By showing 3 consecutive, effective ads on television, consumers became indulged in the traditional media of television ads. In bus stops and in other various locations there were advertisements that allowed for consumers to interact. As the eggs dropped, the ability to smash as many eggs as possible was the main idea of the game. The third way of using e-active marketing was placing ads in various video games. By inserting advertisements on different signs and billboards throughout the levels, gamers were shown this campaign in all stages of their favourite game.

I like how they incorporated other factors as well into their campaign. Using social media HERE TODAY GONE TOMORROW made profile pages for Facebook and Twitter, where consumers could access viral media and leave comments and blogs about what they are watching on the internet. Creating games for cell-phones was also a very creative idea that not many companies have touched upon. By using new and inventive advertising the company is staying ahead of the game. Creativity plays a major part in our advertising these days, as ads are becoming less popular.

Katy Duncan

Nao said...

I would say that these three forms of media used to Cadbury Creme Eggs in the UK are creative. In fact, viral ads posted on Youtube do not tell any information of products in words, but people can be impressed by the ads easily. I could not predict that the actual product crashes on the wall or floor at the end. The ads are unpredictable and progressing promptly. I was not bored after watching about10 different Creme Egg ads on Youtube. In fact, every video is unique and catchy, and chocolate boy’s voice and movement is so cute.

Moreover, the ads contain black jokes; the cute egg crushes, melts or is slashed. I feel these ads are very smart because the ads actually show how the inside of Cadbury Creme Eggs is like at the end. The interactive bus shelter ad is very different from other ads in public. I feel this is a very new innovation. Everyone can play and have fun with the Cadbury ads in public. Individuals can play with the ads game while waiting for bus. I think enjoyment can make people to memorize the product more often. Not only bus users, but also people walk through by the bus shelter must pay attention the ads and people who are playing.

Nao Asozu(805-047-958)

Alex said...

The bus shelter Cadbury Creme Eggs interactive game is a very creative way to make potential customers remember the product. It was: new, fun, exciting, and very technologically advanced.

I think the whole advertising campaign is an indication of which way marketing will be going in for the next decade. The advertisement provides the marketing team with data they can use to decide if the advertisement was a success. Like: how often the advertisement was played and at which times and at which bus shelters.

Daniella.Vona said...

Cadbury has done an egg-cellent job with it’s a Here Today Goo Tomorrow Campaigns, I just love them! They have kept their TV ads short in length and consistent with the same egg character and its voice every time.

Cadbury has focused much of its advertising efforts through E-Active marketing, such as blogs, internet and Social Media, where they can reach and interact with the part of their market that influence purchases from their parents.

What really got me interested was their use of interactive Pods. A couple of days ago I happen to see one at Fairview Mall in Scarborough, it was placed near a seating area right in front of the movie theatres and arcade area, quite the prime location for chocolate munchers . The Pod had three sides to it and was flocked with children swooshing away the dripping chocolate and goodies, all while the Cadbury Logo was displayed in the background. Great way to get kids familiar with the brand logo and possibly in the mood for some treats!

-though bypassing parents with children may not be as egg-static!

Marianna said...

I think that the Cadbury advertisements are very interesting. It is quite unusual how a product as small as the creme eggs can take such importance to be advertised this extensively.

I must say that the company has gone to great lengths to promote the products. Although, the advertisements are quite suitable. They give the eggs a personality so that the audience/consumers can get a deeper connection to the product. The funny advertisements also gives viewers a happy/cheerful feeling which people enjoy, and this would attract more attention to the products.

I also agree with the methods of advertising and how they focus a lot on social media. This allows them to focus more specifically on their target market, assuming most of the young generations are technologically apt.

These forms of advertisements allows the company to effectively advertise all year-round as oppose to just during the Easter/Spring season.

jacky said...

I think that Cadbury did an amazing job with its "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" ad campaign! I loved the way they portrayed the little eggs! i thought they were very cute! I also liked the fact that they kept their ads nice and short.

I like the fact that we can access these ads through Facebook, and YouTube. By seeing these ads, we are more willing to click on them and watch them.

I really enjoy their bus shelter ads. Its very enjoyable for people waiting for the bus, or even for people walking by. They can play these ad games and become familiar with this product. I think its very genius of them!

Overall, I fall in love with these little Cadbury eggs, and fall in love with the ads!!

sukhdeep said...

Cadbury has taken creativity to the next level with these commercials. The commercials are short but they get right to the point, how creamy the egg is inside.

The bus stand advertising, is a great way to get the customers to interact and play the game. It is also a brilliant marketing strategy because once the customer experiences something first hand they are less likely to forget it.

This is a great way for the company to keep track of how many customers play the game and by advertising the commercials on popular websites like youtube, they can see how many times the videos have been viewed.

Jacqueline said...

The creativity that was portrayed in all the ads Cadbury puts out is fantastic. They are able to take a simple concept and effect a complex market, 'consumers.' The whole idea that an egg is very clumsy and always finds a way to hurt themselves creates attention and makes people coming back for more! The ways they presented each commercial is creative because it allows to see the chocolate itself and what is contained on the inside that ultimately sells itself.

Their commercials, viral ads and interactive games at the bus stops are highly effective. They allow people that do not know about Cadbury to become very familiar and if the consumer already knows about them, they now learn more. They are able to capture a large croud because it targets humour for all ages. The fact that they put all their ads on the internet helps them reach a global market very effectively.

-Jacqueline Cohen Kennedy

Angela said...

The recent Cadbury Crème Egg integrated digital campaign is a great example of the success that comes from coordinating and integrating numerous marketing communications tools into a seamless program that maximises the impact on customers. Cadbury was very wise to recognise who their target market is and carefully chose marketing communications tools that married perfectly with this particular audience. Cadbury recognizes the fact that word of mouth spreads like wildfire through social media websites such as Facebook, My Space, YouTube, Flikr, and Twitter, so it is no surprise that they included these tools in their campaign.

I love that Cadbury also including gaming in their campaign since it’s a common hobby among their target market – what a great way to get creative, attract attention to your product, and increase traffic on a website and/or microsite! By allowing players forward games to their friends is also a great example of viral marketing. Finally, the humorous and short commercials are appealing because they get straight to the point and don’t require a lot of the viewer’s focus to identify the product. Everyone that I’ve spoken to that has been exposed to this creative campaign fell in love with it instantly!

Angela Oppedisano

Adam Veenstra said...

The creatvity put into these adds are great. They seem so simple yet effective. It gets the point across, that the eggs are full of goo and delicious but in a fun way. You can't help but keep watching. You just want to see what these eggs will do next. These adds capture your attention and keep it there till the very end.

Fernando Garcia said...

After viewing the Cadbury Creme Egg ads, I have to say that were very creative, in sense that it grabbed my attention from the beginning to end. What made them artistic is by using the different types of e-active marketing to grab a potential customer’s interest by using blogs, internet, and social media. My personal favourite was in bus stops where they used a touch screen game as an advertisement, which enables people to interact and talk about the product during their wait for the bus. Cadbury also kept their ads short and simply, and in every ad they were consistent on the slogan HERE TODAY GOO TOMORROW.
Even though this egg is a seasonal treat they still manage to make creative ads year to year. They have even come up with a game which is played on the internet, which definitely promotes the eggs in a much better way than regular ads because it targets directly to the kids. I also like the fact that we can access these ads through Facebook, and YouTube. By seeing these ads, we are more willing to click on them and watch them, which then puts us closer to actually purchasing these products.

iammanny said...

Cadbury Creme Eggs interactive game on the bus shelter,in my opinion, is a very unique and creative way attract potential customers. In addition, i think these types of ads will make customers remember them.

They have certainly taken creativity to the next level with these commercials and interactiveness. Though their commercials are short, Cadbury creates these ads to get right to the point, and illustrate how creamy the egg is inside. I also loved their slogan, HERE TODAY GOO TOMORROW. That slogan itself expresses what the ad will be.