Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cadbury Eyebrows Campaign with a Canadian Twist (October 15, 2009 update)

The fun Cadbury Eyebrows campaign from the UK is now officially in Canada with an added twist that makes it uniquely Canadian! “Have you found the Eyebrow Language decoder on yet?” This starts the latest Canadian Tweet for @DairyMilkCanada on Twitter. Already enjoying over 735 followers, (October 15, 2009) Cadbury Dairy Milk is Tweeting about their fun new EYEBROWS campaign which originated earlier this year in the UK, and is currently unfolding in Canada with a set of unique creative elements that is getting a buzz. Some people love the campaign while others wonder about its relevancy to chocolate! For the sceptics, the connection is made clear by Cadbury, irreverently poking fun at itself on its YouTube channel, stating that the ad is, “Yet another feat of ridiculousness and joy,” a feat that gets attention, starts conversations, and creates memorable engagement with a product that too is fun. This Cadbury Eyebrows ad is linked below, (

The Canadian Cadbury Eyebrows campaign engages chocolate lovers with TV spots, billboard ads, transit ads, and commuter newspaper ads. It also interacts with Canadian consumers through the social media they use. Twitter, (@DairyMilkCanada), directs followers to YouTube mash-ups and a microsite. Its Canadian Facebook Dairy Milk Eyebrows page, (, entices people to become fans and win chocolate for a year. Its YouTube channel, (, provides a forum for video responses, comments, video ratings, and viewings. The Eyebrows ad currently boasts 4,855,072 views on YouTube, 12,892 comments, and 123 video responses from around the world – all creating a buzz for their chocolate, (October 15, 2009).

Below you can see a video response/spoof that is posted on the Cadbury Glass and a Half Full YouTube channel,

Also unique to Canada is the billboard, transit, and commuter daily newspaper campaign, EYEBROW LANGUAGE, which you can see in Toronto and Vancouver. This part of the Eyebrows campaign teases consumers with ...     “Wheel of Fortune / hangman-type” ads that ask people to decipher the message by going to the Cadbury Dairy Milk microsite at Here a language decoder is provided together with other fun elements such as a downloadable ringtone from the commercial's song, "Don’t Stop the Rock," by Freestyle.

The daily commuter newspaper ads are designed with the characteristics of the media in mind. Ads run in the daily commuter newspapers Metro and 24 Hours in Toronto and Vancouver over a 4 week period. The headlines are written in “Eyebrow Language” and ask the readers to decipher the message. Cleverly, the first ad of the week brings attention to the campaign, the second ad of the week engages the reader with an opportunity to win a prize, and the third ad of the week provides information on the contest-event which occurred the previous day! Ads that took place early in the campaign in Toronto had decoders go to a local mall at a specific time, twirl, clap three times, and yell chocolate to win a prize. Video clips and photos of these mini-events are being uploaded to the microsite for this campaign.

You can enjoy mash-ups of the Cadbury Eyebrows Campaign at

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Noella Eze said...

I love this ad/campaign. There was a challenge in the Metro 2 days ago, using the eyebrow language. I decoded it and it said to go to College Park between 12 and 2pm, do a twirl, clap 3 times and yell chocolate. The 1st 100 people would get a surprise. It was hilarious! I didn't go but I had fun decoding it. I wonder what they gave away...

Silvia Vides Perez said...

I've been noticing in Cadbury's Campaigns is they provide something new and fresh to capture everyone’s attention. They use many creative techniques, but most importantly they want to involve everyone to the campaign. I personally love this commercial because I am entertained by it and it gives me a moment to try to imitate the eyebrow dance. I know I'm not the only one who tries to do the eyebrow dance because there are 113 video responses on Youtube. This data means that the campaign is getting many people's attention, which is what Cadbury aimed for.

I was thinking that there are many elements needed to create an effective ad. The song, colours, humor, and story takes a huge impact on what makes a good and not so good ad. Cadbury wants to be memorable, and it shows by their creativity that is being known by others.

In addition, they are creative to release contest relating to the eyebrow dance. They want to get everyone to participate on this event, which gives them an opportunity to sell their products. Cadbury choose the right direction to transmit their campaign, such as Facebook and Twitter. I believe that Cadbury is going to be known as a company that bring something new and creative to the world of advertising.

Amanda Rapini said...

This commercial was actually one of my favourite cadbury campaign. At first I was wondering what type of message they were trying to portray but after watching it quite a few times the beat and the actual commercial made me laugh and enjoy it! I've heard so many people talk about this campaign and how interesting and funny it is.

I believe Cadbury getting involved with facebook, twitter and youtube, is a smart idea because now a days everyone is using the internet especially websites that allow you to interact with others.

Ive never seen the billboard campain that appeared in Toronto and Vancouver but i think that campaign was pretty clever. It makes me actually wonder what they are trying to spell but also gets people to check out their website which provided other fun elements which is a great way to attract more customers.

I think Cadbury is doing a great job with their ads and commercial and especially using social media to bring in more customers! Their commercials are getting more creative and of course their chocolate is amazing as well!

Nicole Spadafora said...

I think Cadbury did a very effective and creative job in this commercial. This commercial caught my attention as well as many others by using a new and fresh way to approach the media. This campaigne, to me, was funnier then the other ones because instead of using the actual egg to portray the message, they effectively used people. This made the audience laugh, and instead of changing the channel during the video they actual enjoyed watching it.

This campaigne was so creative that other people made their own version of this and posted it on youtube. This to me is what made this campaigne most effective, because not only was it funny, this commercial was a link that passed through many viewers as a "halarious video". And me being one of those viewers, thought it was very clever of Cadbury.

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