Tuesday, March 16, 2010

United Breaks Guitars Song three

Third Song Posted for United Breaks Guitars

After a year- long battle with United Airlines and the release of the now infamous United Breaks Guitars viral video, Dave Carroll has released his third and final song in the trilogy, as promised to United Airlines in response to their poor customer service and refusal to compensate him for breaking his guitar. United Breaks Guitars first made the rounds of the Internet last summer, boosted by the catchy tune and humorous video which popped-up on news programs around the world. Companies beware, social media works and United Breaks Guitars is a prime example.

The first song, released July 6, 2009, has received over 8 million views on YouTube over the past 8 months, with over 25 thousand comments. The second song, uploaded on August 17,2009 is reaching 1 million views, with the third song, just released on March 1, 2010, already enjoying over 64 thousand hits to date – and all for the cost $200 for the first video and about $600 for each of the remaining two! Of course, this pales in comparison to the millions of impressions generated by the songs’ exposure on TV stations such as CBC, CTV, BBC, and CNN ... just to name a few - not to mention a recent interview on THE VIEW.

You can read details on the saga at http://mktgcliks.blogspot.com/2009/11/united-breaks-guitars-reaches-over-6.html with Dave Carroll’s insights on the events posted in the Grand Rants blog at http://grandrants.wordpress.com/2010/03/01/exclusive-dave-carroll-files-a-new-flight-plan/. It would be interesting to know the impact this adventure has had on Dave Carroll’s music career in terms of the amount of music he is now selling, versus before the first upload – comments anyone so we can see the final impact of this social media escapade?

Below you can listen and watch the three United Breaks Guitars songs – enjoy – and thank you Dave Carroll!

United Breaks Guitars – Song 1

United Breaks Guitars – Song 2

United Breaks Guitars – Song 3

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