Saturday, June 26, 2010

FIFA World Cup Coca-Cola Billboards in Brazil

As we all watch the World Cup and enjoy the skillful teams and players from around the world, transit riders in San Paolo Brazil are also enjoying the creativity of Coca-Cola with its interactive electronic transit ad which was placed in mid May in two subway stations with over 270,000 riders per day. Passersby of all ages marvelled at the elongated eye-level billboard with images of fans within the billboard doing the wave to show excitement for the beautiful game. People took photos, video footage, and made gestures at the billboard to see its reaction. The result - considerable buzz in Brazil and around the world for Coca-Cola ,a major sponsor of the World Cup! Click below to see the billboard of the beautiful game in action!


Marianne Picicci said...

I found this ad a very interesting and creative approach on marketing a product. The ad was introduced at the time of the world cup, therefore the company used the world cup theme song to help promote the product. With each person that was on the billboard it showed various people of different cultures. This allowed the public to see that coca cola is world wide.

The billboard that was placed in the subway station gained the attention of the people walking by this was used to promote customer awareness. An advertisement like this has never been done before. When consumers seen the ad it was immediately posted on to blogs and to youtube which then gained the attention of the nation world wide. This ad was a very successful tool in creating customer awareness and also creating a new approach to the product.

Anonymous said...

I think this is also super cool video. I love how the poster is 3D and comes to life as you pass by. I think this was very creative because it has never been done before and also thought it was very smart to put the ad in the subway station because it is very populated with people and would get the most views and reviews. The word of mouth im sure spread across quicly attracting more people to come and vist the poster. The poster had a very postive message and crative way to promote and celebrate the world cup celebrations 2010.

I alos enjoyed how there was a hidden camera to really focus and zoom in on people inational reactions to first viewing the poster. I love how it showed how the viewers would try to look behind the poster to see if there was something behind it to make it move. I would love to see more ad's like this and hopefully they come to Canada. I think there a great way to spread the word across of a event and give it a very creative new and fresh way to remeber the event and recieve great reviews as well. Well done to the coca cola team !

Stephanie Carr said...

When I first watched the video I was amazed, not only by the unique advertisement but also by how much attention it received.

Finally, something different! No matter how creative or different we try to be it seems as though everything's already been done. When in comes to marketing a product this can be a big issue. Consumers are demanding creativity in advertisements in order to gain and hold onto their attention, as well as their memories.

Coca Cola developed this unique billboard that is like no other I have seen. It is interactive and playful. It grabs attention from people hurriedly passing by and keeps it for more then just a few seconds, unlike most advertisements. What I found interesting was that they chose to place the billboard in a subway station, as subway stations are often filled with hundreds of advertisements. That is why it was so important for their ad to stand out from all the others and not be just another billboard that people walk by, glimpse at and maybe remember. The advertisement was incredibly effective and certainly got people talking. You know you've got a successful ad when people are advertising your ad for you! Posts on youtube, blogs and facebook created an even bigger buzz over the unique billboard. I think Coca Cola has taught us a lesson on the importance of creativity in advertising and encouraged us to continue thinking outside the box.

kevin said...

The Soccer themed Coca Cola Ad which was a part of their FIFA promotion campaign is creative in a number of ways. The Ad was different from the usual as the billboards were placed at eye level in two subway stations. This was done so as to create the illusion of the passerby’s bein at the World Cup, which helped to promote the spirit of the games.

This type of Advertising was never done before and the interactive aspect of the Ad gives passerby’s the chance to feel like they were a part of the games. The fact that people of all ages take the subway helped to not only get them excited about the games but also to remind them of the brand.

Coca Cola was on the major sponsors of the World Cup and having the Ad placed in Brazil was done on purpose because Brazil is one of the countries where Soccer is the main sport although the games were actually held in South Africa.

Stephen da Costa said...

The Coca-Cola billboard created for the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil is distinctively created just for the purpose of pedestrian interaction. It allows transit riders to get involved with the billboard from any location within it. This creates a sprit and excitement not only for the billboard but for the World Cup games in the years to come.

Most billboard advertising is located away from pedestrians and it doesn’t invite interaction. By placing such a large billboard at the pedestrian eye level it creates a sense of overpowering. This engulfs the pedestrian with the advertisement and brings Coca-Cola to closer to them. Overall, the interactive billboard located in the transit system in Brazil will generate enthusiasm for not only Coca-Cola but for the World Cup currently in South Africa and for the World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

Paul Schroeder said...

This ad by Coca-Cola in Brazil for the FIFA World cup 2010 in South Africa is very unique and creative."The wave" participation interaction with the ad provides a unique aspect as well as a "wow" factor for people passing by. This ad also creates a hype for the 2014 world cup in Brazil. This ad creates a position for Coca-Cola in peoples minds of being associated with the biggest sport in the world. Meaning Coca-Cola is multicultural, socially responsible and supportive for the worlds game.