Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Green Art Installation - Nothing is Possible

Stripped down, plain coloured posters of the very basic variety (think no-frills), online ads and a PSA of an equally plain hue announce Pollution Probe’s Clean Air Commute program which kicks off with a Green Art installation project tomorrow in Toronto. Visually, this approach tells us to get back to basics to help save the environment! Stop driving your car for a week is the underlying message with 11,000 people getting involved last year! The slogan, NOTHING IS POSSIBLE, is a clever twist on that Adidas tag line, “Impossible is Nothing,” used around the world a few years ago, as we are prompted to use less to achieve more! http://www.nothingispossible.ca/

To top last year’s involvement, Pollution Probe is using the creative juices from the advertising agency Sharpe Blackmore Euro RSCG who turned to Green Graffiti, http://www.greengraffiti.com, to plan the etching of a mural, complete with an alternative transportation message, on the grimy walls of Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway! How will this happen? Have you ever seen a building cleaned with a pressure washer? Yes, this is how it will be done! Using a giant stencil from talented artist Lisa Mansfield and a high pressure water sprayer from Green Graffiti, the message will appear along the westbound walls of Lakeshore Blvd West leading to the Eastbound Gardiner Expressway ramp. It is probably worth the drive – but that would defeat the purpose(!) So keep your eye on the local TV media to see the results of this creative marketing approach starting tomorrow Wednesday June 17, 2009!!

Finally, for those that participate and register for the week long Clean Air Commute program - June 22-26, 2009 - names will be entered into a draw to win prizes such as a cruise, a trip, or a laptop computer. You can register and see contest details at http://www.nothingispossible.ca/index/index/register.

Pollution Probe’s NOTHNG IS POSSIBLE Clean Air Commute PSA can be seen below. Take the time to also check out the impact “grime street art” can have by seeing how a similar approach worked in Brazil a few years ago - a must see. Sharpe Blackmore does it again ... and we are still waiting for that Ritz crackers’ song!



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eli joseph said...

I liked this blog entry because it takes a unique approach to the go green initiative. People are already aware of how we humans do bad stuff to the environment and I feel like this is a message ive been told a thousand times. I like that this advertising group has thought outside the box and mad something outstandingly visual to spread their message.

This is also a good way of raising awareness besides just the creation of the mural. The gadner expressway has 1000s of commuters go by it each day and this is the perfect location for something you want to be seen. Its also good that the mural is giving away prizes for the clean air commute program. This is excellent because it gets people involved in helping the environment which is the whole reason the mural was created, to help the environment

lzarudny said...

Getting people involved in events such as Clear Air Commute and Earth Day will always be possible, but will only last for a very short period of time. Most people can go a day without a car, or a week, but those who drive them all the time can not go much longer without one. But every little bit counts, which is what I receive from these green movement messages. Pollution Probe’s tag line “Nothing is Possible”, as well as being a clever twist, is very truthful. This is telling the viewers that once upon a time, people lived with almost nothing so it is possible to do today and that we do not need all that we have. Most of what people mistaken for necessities today are merely luxuries that many could do without.
This form of advertising (washing into dirt) is THE most creative and inspiring form I have yet to see/hear of. Is it effective? In my opinion, it is extremely effective because it is something that is not expected or a typical form of advertising. However, I don’t see this type of advertising being very effective for many products. I see it working if the advertisement has something to do with saving the environment, and nothing else. You won’t see Sony advertising cameras, but if Sony is doing something/ making a change for the environment, then this would be a good way to promote their brand.
As well, any form of advertising that has to do with the environment always generates a lot of awareness with the public. By finding ways such as actually cleaning the environment to get the message across will greatly impact people. At the same time as building the awareness, the people are being shown how filthy we have made the environment and how easy it is to change it, one step at a time.