Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Coca-Cola LA LIVE Spot

Advertising is everywhere - we can hardly move without another message telling us something or other.... and of course, "something or other" is the issue! How many messages do we actually notice, let alone remember? Here’s a message you can't forget, the Coca-Cola LA LIVE digital outdoor advertising campaign launched a few weeks ago at the Nokia Plaza in downtown Los Angeles – home of the Grammies.

Conceived, produced and directed by BRAND NEW SCHOOL in Los Angeles, the outdoor campaign airs simultaneously on 17 digital screens in the immediate vicinity, literally submerging viewers in a campaign of red hues that is overwhelmingly Coca-Cola! Smart camera angles, clever edits, and top athletes star in the footage making viewers feel part of the action. The Coca-Cola logo becomes the focus of the spot, not the athletes which Coke had originally envisioned. Turn it around and the brand is the king.

Hmm – this does remind you of something? Yes, those BELL CANADA 2008 Summer Olympic Games' spots used to launch Bell’s rebranding effort and ER campaign. Do you recall those oversized logos and athletes performing over a blue backdrop that ended up being a giant sized Bell logo? Stunning! I must say Bell has my vote for this one. What do you think, Bell or Coca-Cola?

Click below to watch the Coca-Cola LA LIVE spot, the making of this spot (a must-see), and the stunning Bell spot.

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