Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vote on Creativity

I thought we could have a little fun today – so it’s voting time at! Here is a roundup of the select group of current ads - TV or viral - posted over the last month on this site due to their unique approach and creativity. Some ads have interesting sound tracks that get attention - Steam Whistle beer; some interact with consumers through YouTube - Ritz crackers; others use media in a creative manner - Coca-Cola; some have fascinating central ideas that stop us in our tracks - War Child Canada and Cycling awareness; while others have captivating images such as the Bridgestone ad set on the moon or the Amway ad focusing on the soccer genius of Ronaldinho.

So, how do we define creativity? It can be looked at in so many different ways but generally it is the combination of ideas, concepts or elements that one would not expect to see together. Add a slight unexpected twist, and there you have it - creativity in the making! Of course, the challenge faced by marketers is to ensure creativity is in place to shake the viewer into paying attention while also communicating a resonating, compelling message - not an easy task. One of the best presentations I have seen on creativity is posted on SlideShare from Jason Theodor Check it out!
Click on the ads below and evaluate them based on their creativity and ability to communicate a compelling message to the viewer. Vote on your top choice on the poll posted at the end of the ads at

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bllb0086 said...

Ben Belluz
September 23, 2009

After watching the Bridgestone 2009 Superbowl television advertisement titled “Moon Dancers”, I thought to myself, this was a great use of digital animation and creativity, blended into one great commercial. It takes some imaginative thought for a tire company to come up with a great concept like Astronauts riding through outer space in a space vehicle, jamming out to some “classic” tunes, to stop for a second, and have their tires jacked by Aliens in a spacecraft.

The use of music from a classic hit like Jump Around by House of Pain provides some something catchy to listen to and go along with while watching the ad, while seeing the astronauts drive off jumps, do s-turns, basically pushing the car to its limit while jamming out to the song. While dancing outside of their cars they notice afterwards that their tire have been jacked, this almost makes me want to go to a dealer and ask the question “Are your tires that good that Aliens want to use them?. The use of space is imaginative, which I have also not seen used well in a very long time. The advertisement used a original way to encompass music people would enjoy, while seeing astronauts jam out to it on space. It was a great Superbowl ad to get people pumped and laughing at the same time.

Creativity can come in many different forms and using something as easily as a catchy song and dancing astronauts, can get peoples attention and ensure that an audience pays attention. It also allows Bridgestone to get the message across to the people effortlessly, allowing them to enjoy the advertisement.

Michelle Vu said...

I would have to agree with bllb0086 on his comment about the best advertisement titled "Moon Dancers" was the most creative out of the bunch. The concept of using spacemen while driving around in a space-like buggy with Bridgestone tires was brilliant, and you could tell that a lot of thought was put into such an advertisement.

Using "Jump Around" was the finishing touch to the song I believe because the beat and lyrics to this song pumps you up, and I assume using Bridgestone tires will give you that sort of experience. This song was very catchy to use and it catches the audience's attention because of the scenes of the spacemen doing crazy stunt driving whiel getting all hyped up over this song. i couldn't help but chuckle to myself when I saw the spacemen going back to their vehicle, and seeing that their tires were stolen by a bunch of aliens.

Kudos to Bridgestone on its use of creativity. The execs really let their imagination run wild with this one. Will add this song to my Ipod haha.

Alex said...

I liked all of the advertisements very much. I think using the soccer genius of Ronaldinho was the least creative of the lot because it seems the obvious thing to do. Showing a professional athlete doing stylish moves in his/her given sport then throwing up the company logo has been done many times before.

The Ritz advertisement was nice but boring for me. I really liked the dancing bear advertisement; it would work for the new cell phone ban as well by throwing in a line at the end. I did not see the bear at all the first time. The tire advertisement was excellent! Very, very creative and funny, works for a very wide audience, and would probably have the best “ware-out factor”.

But I voted for the Child soldiers advertisement because it was the most impactful for me. It left me with a lump in my throat and a stiff jaw...

Steve U said...

After watching these ads, I'd have to say that the awareness test and the child soldiers ads were the best of the bunch. The awareness test was creative by using the basketball teams as a distraction, which worked. After seeing the bear the second time around and then seeing the message to lookout for cyclists, I felt that it was a very effective way to get the message across that a driver can be easily distracted. This would go well with the cellphone ban we just passed.

The child soldiers ad brought up the topic in a comical way by having everyone support child soldiers and send them weapons and masks and promoting their cause. It shows how stupid it is to have these children fighting wars and sweeping out landmines. Then it reminds us that we're doing nothing to stop it and that stuck with me.

DDenney said...

At first while watching the Steam Whistle Beer commercial I was unsure as to how the commercial would come together. It's slow pace at the beginning kept me interested and as the commercial progressed and quickened so did my interest. However, it was not until the end of the commercial as the train whistle blew that everthing made sense

As well as being creative this commercial does well to show many different senarios of people having a good time with the constant thing being the Steam Whistle beer, showing all good times begin with steam whistle.

Overall, an interesting, creative and different commercial.

Natasha M said...

"Moon Buggy" commercial from Bridgestone Tires used the moon to go off roading with the so called "Moon Buggy". The idea was to show that you can drive on the moon with a awesome "moon buggy" with great speakers and most importantly the incredible bridgestone tires. The commercial used off roading on the moon because there are no roads. This put emphasis on the Bridgestone Tires.
At the end of the commercial the astronauts leave there "moon buggy" to take some samples. When they are finished, they realize someone had stolen the Bridgestone Tires. If the viewer did not acknowledge that the commercial was about Bridgestone Tires this part tied it all together.
Using the catchy music from the 80's really made the commercial interesting and fun. Even having the astronauts themselves dancing and enjoying the music made it fun as well. It makes the viewer curious to watch the commercial. The length was short and sweet just enough for the viewer to have a good laugh and enjoy a really good Bridgestone Tire Commercial.