Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Spread the Ritz

When an ad is creative it often gets attention and can take on a life of its own. This latest TV advertising campaign for Ritz crackers - SPREAD THE RITZ was recently uploaded to YouYube and is now getting thousands of hits by viewers wanting Kraft to create a song version of the jingle. Responding to viewers' questions on where they could find the song, Kraft gave the YouTubies a social media challenge - reach 10,000 hits on YouTube and they would create the song. In 3 short weeks from the challenge the goal was surpassed and the jingle creator Ian Lefeuvre, is now writing the song.

In 1971, way before social media existed, Coca-Cola's famous Hill Top commercial with the jingle I'D LIKE TO TEACH THE WORLD TO SING created a similar frenzy when jingle fans used letters and phone calls to encourage Coca-Cola to record the jingle as a top ten single. Coca-Cola did just this, responding to social feedback just as Ritz crackers is doing today with its SPREAD THE RITZ campaign. Ritz is in good company showing us yet again that creativity resonates with viewers!

And for good measure ...

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Cork said...

Creativeness in these ads are unreal, even back as far as 1971 you see that the key so some of the best ads seen on TV are the catchy jingles that companies come up with to play with the commercials. Ritz had a huge company that dealt with this, they came up with a 30 second jingle that in the end got turned into a song. How creative is that, its putting a new spin on old advertising. Ritz will forever be associated with this song and whenever the song is heard thousands of people are going to remeber Ritz.
Not only do these jingles get stuck in our head but then as you are out at work, school, with friends, and even family you start to tell people about this cool song you heard on a commercial. This then gives the commercial more recognition, not only are people seeing it on TV, but now people are talking to one another. By word of mouth the companies are getting free advertisment. This makes the commercials more effective in a low cost way, they are still paying for advertising, but they are getting more then what they originally set out to do.
Courtney Proctor

Amanda Raimondo said...

There is definitely a large degree of creativity in this Ritz ad. Ritz has seen how successful jingles can be in advertisements and used that to thier advantage. After listening to the jingle in this commercial I immediately thought of the old coca cola commericial from the 70's. Both jingles have the same feel to them. They are pleasant to the ear, very soft, and airy. The Ritz jingle just makes you feel good after hearing it.
Creating a catchy fun jingle is one of the smartest ways a company can advertise its product. Subconsciously people will begin to memorize the song and hear it in their heads. Also people will begin to talk about the commercial spreading the word of Ritz crackers everywhere. Creating a jingle is like trying to produce a hit single. The more people enjoy listening to the song the more they will talk about it. Ritz was very clever and creative when they made this catchy commercial that kept people wanting eager to watch and listen.